Gantz Concrete Design

is a company specializing in planning, designing and manufacturing premium products made of "Beton-Stone": a unique reinforced concrete, with a lively texture, which we developed and improved over the years. 

Using this material, we can produce accurate casting with a world-class level of finish. The designing possibilities are varied: the design may be elegant or wild, massive, classic, or gentle and light. The interesting textures and shades, as well as the surprising patterns and mixtures create a world of industrialized varied material, full of natural phenomena throughout its surface.  

We make sure that each design is harmonically integrated with other materials, suitable to the product and to its environment.

Our products are both decorative and practical, combined with equipment, tools and gadgets of the best standard, made by leading international manufacturers.

All our products are planned accurately, and are yet surprising and innovative. We hold aesthetic design and providing the highest quality of service as our guiding values. 

We rise every morning to think about our next product, one which will make us fall in love again and inspire our thinking about the next product.

Gantz Concrete Design

is a company specializing in outdoors hosting, serving as your professional point-of-contact for any question in this field.

We work together as a team with you, the planner, in order to fulfil your vision and to meet the clients' expectations. We accompany the project from the planning stage, prepare infrastructures, install and even maintain the products later on.

With Gantz, your clients benefit from reliable professionals, premium products and a high level of finish.

We provide a functional and aesthetic solution, suited to the planning and design concept, which also integrates well with the house environment.

Gantz Concrete Design's Products

At Gantz we provide the planning, designing and manufacturing of a variety of tailor-made outdoors hosting solutions. Outdoors kitchens are designed and manufactured from "Beton-Stone". Our unique and elegant concrete is the natural and outstanding basis for a beautiful outdoors kitchen, which may be smooth, shiny or matte, especially designed to suit the environmental conditions. We offer ready-made models, as well as manufacture products according to a specific plan, combining equipment of the best standard, made only by leading international manufacturers, and adjust it, taking into consideration even the smallest detail. In addition, we manufacture indoors and outdoors fireplaces, hosting tables, fire-pits, professional outdoor stoves, all in an excellent level of finish and with immaculate design. 

About Gantz Concrete Design

Gantz Concrete Design is a leading outdoors' kitchens and hosting systems Israeli brand. We design and manufacture our products in a 1,000 square meter factory, employing 17 workers and using world-leading technology. The factory and the impressive adjacent showroom, are located in Hadera's industrial area. We combine the outstanding material we developed, named "Beton-Stone", and our design and planning abilities to develop and export products with a world-class level of finish, extraordinary durability and lively, beautiful textures. We take pride in our clients' great satisfaction from our products and service.  

The showroom
Hamasger 4 St. Hadera
By appointment
08:30-13:00 - Friday​ 
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